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Services for Seekers


There's a universal desire to discover belonging and it can be hard to find, but that's where we step in — we narrow down the world of possibilities to a personal A-list of meaningful conscious leaders that get seekers closer to finding the one.


There are so many ways to whole up your hole, yet it’s easy to get stuck trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Let us help you find what’s right for your unique and special shape.

Financing models allow seekers like you to have a direct relationship with your target leaders, get sustainable ways to remain in your cult, and continue navigating on your own terms.

Cultastrophy Prevention & response

It’s tricky territory. Crossing a boundary is inherent in learning what those boundaries are for you. Consciously prepare so you can feel better when you step into the unknown.

Cross-cult connections

Conscious cult seekers often gravitate towards each other. We offer a meta-cult network for you to connect with others when you might feel lost or alone in your current chosen cult.

Career Cultivation

The process of rising to the top of your cult doesn’t look the same for everyone. In an age of frequent cult hopping, self-cultivation development is an increasingly important component of your success in climbing the ranks. For ambitious seekers, self-cultivation development is an effective way, and, in some cases the only way, to hasten progress along cult hierarchies. We customize tactics to help you assume control of your idealized destiny.

Featured Cult

Conscious Cults features cults from across the spectrum to give a broad and inclusive perspective on the fascinating world of cults. We evaluate, critique, and give pointers to cults both old and new. We dive into the past, explore the future, and shine a warm and glowing light on the present. Have a suggestion for a cult we should feature?


Think your cult is the best cult of all and want to submit a review? Contact our Cult Culture department today!

Services for Leaders


Finding just the right sort of people for your cult is both an art and a science, and Conscious Cults can offer proven, state-of-the-art methodologies to help you make your cult all it can be, including brand message development, sophisticated social data mining, mesmerizing event planning, and much more. Whether you are looking to be a boutique, exclusive cult or going for massive world domination, we’ve got you covered.


Equally important to recruiting is retainment, the craft of making sure that those who get through the door never want to leave. Our teams of experts have extensive resources for making your cult as captivating as possible. Simultaneously, pruning members that are not a right fit without creating loose cannons and detractors is crucial, and we know all the latest tricks here as well.

Specialness and ExculTSivity Cultivation

Discerning cult members demand powerful feelings of specialness and exclusivity, even in massive cults, and so it is your job to deliver these in abundance. Allow us to discreetly offer stimulating enhancements to the whole affair while offloading work from your supreme shoulders.


While most cults already have moderately well-developed skills in manipulation, let us take you to the next level of evolution, with sophisticated techniques gleaned from a years of study of the world’s very best manipulators. Our exclusive Manipulation courses, manuals, and cultsultants will make your manipulation dreams come true.

Symbiotic Exploitation

Everyone is happiest when exploitation is a win-win, generating warm feelings of belonging and specialness for them and adoring, uninhibited, full-spectrum support for you. Sign up for a free, initial cultsultation today, and our expert team will light the way.

discrete revenue management

Optimized symbiosis generates essential revenue for your mission, and it is crucial that as much of it be dedicated your true cause as possible. Our seasoned team, based on Wall Street with a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands, is unusually skilled in creative finance and off-shore allocation to maximize resource retention.

Inner Circle Development

Selecting, grooming, and nurturing your senior support team is key to projecting your glory and power without compromising your preeminence. Monitoring and managing the power dynamics near the top can be an arduous task, sapping resources from far more pleasurable activities. Let our intelligence services help you hold the reins with a light but definitive touch.

Complexity management

Complexity as the result of hard decisions arise in all organizations, and there is nothing so reassuring as having a competent, inconspicuous team of fixers to rely on in times of trouble. We offer both prompt, one-time fixes and retained, subscription services to suit all fixing needs. Results guaranteed or your money back.

subverting investigations

As the news daily reminds us, being investigated can severely cramp your cult’s style. Contact us today to access our full range of effective subversion services, and unexcelled peace of mind will be yours again.

Public relations

Getting your exalted message to the right people the right way at the right price is the key to a successful cult. Our Madison Avenue veterans have what it takes to deliver beautifully packaged, impactful messages across multiple media platforms to assure mission success. Anyone who is really upset by your cult can’t be that spiritually evolved anyway, and we will make sure the world remembers this. Let us give you a master class in staying above the fray.

Cult Tech

Great cults have great techniques and technologies to help transform the hearts, minds, and bodies of your dear members and achieve your missions. We have scoured the spiritual, psychological, meditative, contemplative, athletic, didactic, scientific, and transcendental worlds to bring you the fastest, best, most effective, most enlightening, most empowering, most life-enhancing methods for your discerning members. We offer a full range of rebranding services so everyone will be sure these life-changing technologies came straight from your Unexcelled Mind.