Max-Anti The Social Tech Machine Mega Cult-ure: A Savior From Edging into the Abyss of Hell?

Inside Goenka's Vipassana Video Game Machine

Goenka gave the complete step by step blueprint on how to live a life, a dhamma life adhering to what he saw as that which would save you from the abyss into hell.

He merged his take on Hinduism, into a fully automated and systemized meditation boot camp that would sprawl nearly the whole world.

I was part of help propagate this new system of the buddha's teachings, and made every aspect of my focused entirely on Goenka's vision. The power of Goenka was enough to sway millions, and I was swept up in his re-imagining of how the world could be, and the flipping around what the Buddha's meant, creating his own brand of dhamma teachings, but using the Buddha's name.

MaxAnte plays on the phrase "up the ante", which comes from putting more chips down, showing your confidence in your hand, and on how much you're willing to risk on the line. Perhaps... it's also about being max-anti the social machine mega cult-ure.

What happens if you don't just "up the ante", instead you "max the ante”. This is your willingness to risk and let go into a world of endless magical possibilities and create magic in the matrix.

** Everything is Energy - You are an Energetic Being **

At the very bottom (and heart) of all things in life is (your) personal energy. This is the essence of (your) life. At the very top of human society is (someone’s) power over someone else's. Everything falls between these 2 points: the transference (draining) of (your) personal energy, over into another's power base, be it consciously or unconsciously given, traded or siphoned. Every day you live this transference of energy in many ways, including the trading your personal energy (your hours of the day) through activity, attention or labour, for collectable points (money or social likes).

In exchange for your energy, you get to build up your points (money and social likes), and are offered the orderly comfort zone of living inside the worldwide mechanized culture, who's imperative is constant growth.

The mechanical machine control matrix, is a new form of consciousness that has been growing in this world. It's hard to say when it arrived, but it's been growing slowly through the human realm for at least many hundreds of years. It seems to have arrived in Europe, and then following its culture of perpetual growth, is getting closer and closer to fulfilling its aim, of spreading and taking control of nearly all humans and human societies everywhere.

This hypnosis, this trance that has been played over humanity is at the heart of people's confusion. Even if they don't know they are confused, the fact that they are living out of harmony with themselves, with each other, and with nature is really l result of aligning with this monarchical, reductionist, materialistic view that seeks to put reality into a box, and to provide an answer for everything.

This machine type consciousness is a radically different type of consciousness to that of the biological magical realm, that arises from Gaia. Living under this relentless grip of social machanized control, has lead us into a separation from (Gaia) nature (chaos) and towards the order and comfort of the mechanized social machine (control). Technology is the enabler of order and thus has become the matrix of control over each of us.

Inside this mechanized worldwide culture of constant growth, division and separation from other humans (and from nature itself) is used the basis for easy control over the masses, and thus power and dominion over humanities mind is ensured. As the machine world gains a tighter grip, at risk is each of our ability to question what is going on, and the loss of access critical thought outside of the confines of the mechanized machine’s matrix of power, that defines what is true and what is not. If you still have the ability for critical thought, you could ask yourself:

* Who or what do you follow?

* Who or what are you aligned with?

* Who or what do you give your energy to?

* Why do you do this?

* And what’s really at stake here?

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