Introducing NXTNXIVM, all the learn without the burn

With the dissolution of the original NXIVM, members craved something to fill their hole as their leader (like so many of the inner circle), found himself behind bars. Core members reached out to Conscious Cults and we were able to re-brand NXIVM from the ground up into NXTNXIVM.

The NXT generation of NXIVM brings you all the learn without the burn.

This new series of executive success programing comes to you de-branded and re-branded. The technology is based in the foundational methodologies, yet now programming you for SUCCESS, not SEXESS.

Together, we co-create a future without the corruption of victimology and unbridled prophetic charisma.

This is one more example of how Conscious Cults is bringing the best of cult world to you, today. Contact us now.

Inside the Implosion of OneTaste, San Francisco's Orgasmic Meditation Cult