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Evaluate Your Cult!
Evaluate Your Cult!
Help us understand your cult!
My cult makes me feel like I belong somewhere.
I feel a part of something greater than myself.
My cult is special.
My cult makes me feel special.
My cults fees are sufficient for my cult’s needs.
I am willing to do what it takes to serve my cult.
My cult helps me know who I am.
Surrendering to my cult empowers me.
My cult leader fills my hole.
Everyone in the cult gets their hole satisfactorily filled.
My cult makes me want to stay in it forever.
My cult is the best cult ever.
My fellow cult members are all my best friends.
Only the best people are in my cult.
My cult helps me become the best member I can be.
My cult’s mission gives me a purpose to live for.
I am excited to recruit others to join my cult.
My cult helps me grow as a person.
My cults techniques for transformation are the best available.
My cult leader embodies the philosophy of the cult.
My cult leader is the best.
My cult makes the world make sense.
My cult’s way is the one true way.
I am willing to give up my family for my new cult family.
You should join my cult right now!