Consciously Evaluating Your Cult Experience

Here’s our how-to guide to becoming a discerning cult connoisseur.

First, identify your holes, those deep places that feel empty and need to be filled.

Common needs that a good cult can fulfill are:


We all need to belong, and we all definitely belong somewhere. A good cult fills that need, welcoming us into a community where we feel whole. If your cult is not providing a deep feeling of belonging, Conscious Cults can help, either by helping you find a better fit for your hole, or by working with your leadership to enhance the experience of the cult you are in. Don’t hesitate to refer them to our site so that our services can help everyone optimize their community experience.


We all need to feel special, and good cults provide us this feeling in abundance. Some of us feel special in small, exclusive cults, while others thrive in mass movements. Let us help you find that special cult that in turn makes you as special as you can be.


Cults exist to fulfill their exalted missions, and the more exalted the mission, the more we feel a powerful sense of purpose in our lives. When we find the right mission, delightful feelings of devotion, spontaneous action, and generosity spring forth from our being. Conscious Cults can help you find your true purpose in life today.


We all need to know who we are. In knowing who we are, we are able to know how to relate to the world around us. A good cult can help you know yourself as yourself and thus be the most effective you you can be. If you are searching to know yourself, look not only inward but outward to the sense of identity a great cult can provide. Let us help you know who you really are.


Once we know who and what we are, we can know exactly how we need to grow to be the best we can be. The advanced knowledge and technologies found in great cults can help us to develop to our maximum potential to fulfill our purpose. Let us help you become the best you you can be.


Cults empower us to surrender to something greater than ourselves. By truly giving in, we get so much more than we ever could have imagined. The power to change ourselves and the world is there for the asking, so ask Conscious Cults today!

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