The truth is we all belong.

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Conscious Seekers

Navigating truth in the new age is complex. You feel called to service? Drawn to community? You feel something is missing inside and want to join forces with those fulfilling their holes with wholeness? Yet, despite all these signs, you sense a hesitation towards group think, spiritual hierarchy, and the corruption patterns of those leading self-realizing modalities? Whether you’re organizing and operationalizing paths to wholeness or joining a community already assembled, we understand the complexity. We’re here to help you navigate the cult process, step by step.

Consciously helping you through tasting and discovering the Kool Aid that’s right for you.

Conscious Leaders

As a prophetic leader, you may want to share your progression of ‘ah-ha’ moments with the rest of the world so they can feel them too. Does part of you feel that if only the context was fostered in which people could arrive at these similar revelations, that then world would be a better place? That humanity will collectively feel more empowered? Perhaps we’d even be a step closer to bridging visions of peaceful utopias into carnal realities. It takes a rare and profound visionary to embark on this journey. And yet, the traps of corruption remain historically probable in the face of a potent leader. We are here to help you as your process optimizes intimacy into grand scalability. Our expertise can support you in remaining true to your own Kool Aid and iterate your process with unparalleled and reflective awareness.

Consciously helping you through embodying and crafting the Kool Aid the best it can be.


As seekers and leaders combine in partnership to challenge our most fundamental societal conventions and reveal deeper natures of reality, it’s our vulnerability wherein lies both our danger and our hope. Let’s shed light on the process so that we can co-create a future without the corruption of victimology and unbridled prophetic charisma.


Filling your hole with wholeness is a complex process and we’re here to make it conscious with you.